About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to generate wealth for our business and our partners through the distribution and sales of T-Shirts that are creatively designed to inspire

Who are we?

Rack Mania is a socially conscious company that uses creative arts, primarily in the form of hand drawn and painted caricatures, to inspire people who share an affinity with athletics to support others and give back to their communities.

What we do?

We create unique images that are printed on T-shirts, and posters and sold around the world to generate an ongoing source of revenue to support community based organizations, sponsors of athletic events, and educational institutions with their missions.

Our Value Proposition

We have created a replicable business model that provides zero risks for our partners by providing them with a business solution that allows them toremain focused on their mission, while we focus on generating revenue to help them achieve their financial goals.

The Challenge

Rack Mania understands that generating wealth to achieve your goals can be a full-time job..

Our Solution

Using a Royalty Model we have created a business solution that allows our partners to have an ongoing source of revenue to help them meet their financial goals.

Our Technology

Rack Mania partners with leading T-Shirt and Poster production firms to create a sales and distribution system that is capable of marketing and delivering its products around the world. We use a direct fulfillment method that can track and deliver our products anywhere in the world in a matter of days.


Since Rack Mania handles all of the production, sales and shipping there are no fees or upfront costs charged to our partners. We receive our revenue directly from the customer and pay our partners directly from the profits!

Return on Investment

Our model is simple. Our partners provide us with permission to use their logo. We then work with our partners to create a unique image that inspires others. We cross market our product on the web and cut a check to our partners quarterly based upon a percentage of sales. Each time our product sells our partners get paid … it's that simple.

Key Success Factors

Whether a customer is affiliated with the cause or not our unique one of kind designs inspire them to contribute through their purchase of our product. Using our extensive customer network and that of our partners we are able to immediately make our product available worldwide. Because our products are high quality and comfortable and our price point is reasonable our customers understand when they buy a Rack Mania T-Shirt, they are not only getting an article of clothing that will last, but they are contributing to their community.

A T-Shirt can change the world!

So if you are seeking a business solution to help you generate revenueto meet your mission then:

"Take it to the Rack!"